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Why is this different to other non stick?
Most, if not all non-stick pans are made into a layer. Often the layers are glued together or a PFOA coating is sprayed on. Once applied to heat, over time the layers and adhesives can deteriorate, peel, flake, chip, scratch easy, burn easy, warp easy- and of this occurring can easily release toxic glues and chemicals into your food even with regular normal use. If overheated, a PFOA coated pan’s smoke is not only bad for humans but bad can be extremely toxic for pets too.
WOLL Germany has revolutionised non-stick cookware. They have been manufacturing their hard wearing, high heat tolerating cookware for the last 41 years. No adhesives or PFOA’s, just intelligent and groundbreaking engineering. The WOLL brand is globally renowned for its superior quality and longevity.


Are WOLL pans PFOA free?
The entire manufacturing process and the coatings of all WOLL pan ranges are completely free of PFOA. WOLL pans are GSB certified (the is a quality regulation).


What utensils can I use?
We recommend wood, silicone or bamboo. Avoid sharp and pointy edges directly on your pans surface. Although minor marks may occur on your pans surface from regular use, cosmetic marks will not affect your non-stick performance, nor pose any health concerns.


How do I clean my WOLL pan?
It's essential to wash your cookware with dish soap and hot water after every use.
The thick base of your pans means that they cannot warp, so when it is extremely hot you can put your pan straight under a cold tap with a dish brush and lather all over with some detergent, rinse and your pan will be sparkling in no time! This is the fastest and easiest way to clean your pan.
Your WOLL pans are dishwasher safe so you may put them into the dishwasher, however non induction bases will oxidise (discolour)- this will not affect your non-stick performance.

We also suggest to try a deep clean semi-regularly using baking soda/vinegar or a cream cleanser that isn't too harsh or abrasive. You may use a brush, sponge or non-metal scourer. 


Can I put the handle/ lid in the oven?
Remove detachable handles before placing your pan in the oven. Fixed handles and lids are completely oven safe up to 250°C!

Can they go in the dishwasher?
Your WOLL pans are dishwasher safe so you may put them into the dishwasher, however non-induction bases will oxidise (discolour); this will not affect your non-stick performance.


How do I store them?
You may stack your WOLL Pots and Pans, we recommend putting pan protectors/tea towels between your cookware if you store them this way.


What is the difference between the Titan Best Range vs Titanium Nowo?The Titan Best range is the latest top of the range by WOLL Germany.

The cookware has a new and improved surface using the most up to date German engineering and technology. They are both exceptionally made, durable and long lasting.

What is the difference between the Titan Best Range vs Diamond Lite?
​The Woll Titan Best Range is our Premium Woll Range, and can reach temperatures of up to 450°C! They are hand cast and plasma jet reinforced with a diamond titanium surface (crushed industrial diamond and oxidised titanium). This top of the range manufacturing process ensures the surface will not peel, flake or bubble even when higher heats are applied. 

​On the other hand, The Diamond Lite is made in a squeeze cast, which means that the surface is applied differently. This doesn't give it the same endurance as WOLL Titan Best, however we recommend them for people who require a lightweight pan for medium-high heat.


Diamond Concept Pots vs Titanium ranges?
Our Diamond Concept Pots are the pinnacle of German Engineering and design. The manufacturing process does differ between the Concept and Titan/Titanium ranges as they are designed for different purpose. The pots are made via heavy squeeze casting, all fused with induction plating as standard. The innovative silicone lid and steamer insert functions make these pots the most versatile in the cookware world.


Do you sell Diamond Lite or other ranges?
We are honoured to be the authorised distributors of the very top ranges of WOLL in Australia for the past 11+ years. The top ranges of WOLL are Titan Best, Titanium Nowo, Diamond Concept Plus Pots. We do not sell any other WOLL ranges nor are we affiliated with the distributors of other WOLL ranges. 


What oils do you suggest cooking with? 
We suggest using all purpose oils with a medium-high smoke point which include: avocado oil, sesame oil, ghee and rice bran oil just to name a few. This will ensure that the oil is less likely to overheat and leave a residue on your pans. When lower smoke point oils like extra virgin olive oil are used and overheated, the residue they form will result in food sticking to the pans surface which will impair the performance of your cookware!


Do I need induction?
If you require your pan to be compatible for induction please ensure that you choose the 'induction' option before completing your purchase. When choosing cookware for induction use, always refer to the cooktop manufacturers sizing guidelines to ensure compatibility with your induction stove. If you have any questions or require specific measurements, please contact us prior to purchase as we are unable to process a return claim for sizing incompatibilities. Ensure you lift your pan instead of sliding on smooth/glass surface cooktops in unlikely case of marking your cooktop.


What is induction?
Induction is similar looking to electric, however the cooktop does not literally heat up. Induction uses a magnetic field to quickly heat your cookware- provided that the base of the pan has a ferrous metal. Non ferrous pans do not work on induction cooktops, which is why you will see options for both types of bases on our web listings.


Can induction cookware be used on gas cooktops?
Yes they can, even if people do not have induction yet, we recommend people getting induction just in case. With renting - you never know if you’ll get an induction cooktop one day!

Why is induction cookware dearer?
Our manufacturers in Germany do not use adhesives, they fuse the metals together instead, as well as using the highest grade of commercial steel to finish.
WOLL Germany are the leaders in the most up to date induction compatible technology. Simply put - our non-stick induction cookware’s performance is second to none!


What is the warranty?

  • 25-year warranty on the pan body (10 years on Induction products)
    What this means: if your pan warps, bends or buckles you are covered under warranty.
  • 3 Year warranty on the surface, handles and lids.
    What this means: if there is a manufacturing fault with either your handle, glass lid, or your pan’s surface, you are covered under warranty.
  • In addition, statutory warranty provisions apply
    What this means: This means that you have statutory rights under Australian Consumer Law
  • Natural wear of the non-stick surface, burnt pans with black, tar-like deposits, burnt oil pitting marks, or coating which have been damaged by force are excluded from the warranty.
    What this means: follow the use and care guide we provide at time of purchase and you will experience longevity with your amazing WOLL Cookware.

I have a question about my Woll pan, who can I call?
Call our customer service department on 1800 441 442. You will need a proof of purchase for any warranty claims, so our best form of contact is via email 

If you have purchased a WOLL pan from a retail outlet(excluding Costco), please refer to your distributor to claim warranty, as they are not affiliated with WOLL Direct Australia.