WOLL Nowo Frying pans

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  • Choose from 24cm or 32cm sizes
  • 5cm depth
  • Detachable handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect heat distribution for energy-saving cooking
  • Manufacturing process and surface PFOA free
  • Healthy and low-fat
  • Oven safe up to 250°C (remove handle first)


WOLL Cookware’s Original Premium range; Titanium Nowo has been highly favoured by Australians for the last decade. 

Cast by hand in Germany and surfaces fuzed on at 20,000C with a plasma jet, pans in the Nowo range are durable, high heat performing and long lasting.

With their high tech manufacturing process, WOLL Nowo pans are unable to bend, warp or distort- even under high stress cooking like searing, stir frying, or crash cooling.

Unlike most non-stick pans, WOLL Titanium Nowo pans are:

Oven safe: All our WOLL pans are oven safe, including fixed handles and glass lids!

Versatile: With detachable handles, not only do pans go into the oven- you may also use them on the BBQ or under the grill. Detach handles for easy storage in your cupboard and drawers or space in dishwasher and sink!

Dishwasher safe: Although they are so easy to hand wash, dishwashers are okay too.

Utensil safe: We recommend wood, bamboo or silicone utensils, but you may also use metal if you like. Avoid sharp and pointy!

Hot pan into cold water safe: With a 25-year manufacturing warranty (or 10 years for induction products) on the frame of your pan, we recommend putting your hot pan straight under a cold tap! Its the fastest way to clean your cookware, and we guarantee that they will never warp.

Suitable for high heat: Most non-stick pans are made into a “layer” which means when they are taken past medium heat the layers either come unstuck or simply burn. WOLL Titan Best pans are an 8mm thick single-piece frame, capable of high heat cooking.

PFOA Free: The entire manufacturing process and the coatings of all Woll pan ranges are completely free of PFOA.

Energy Saving: In a WOLL professional cast product the heat is distributed and stored particularly well – which means you can keep the temperature turned down and make great energy savings while cooking. For example, you will use 1/3 less energy compared to using traditional cast iron pans.

Suitable for gas, ceramic, halogen and electric cooktops- select induction option where applicable to choose induction cookware.

When choosing cookware for induction use, always refer to the manufacturers sizing guidelines to ensure compatibility with your induction stove. If you have any questions or require specific measurements, please contact us prior to purchase as we are unable to process a return claim for sizing incompatibilities.

Always read your care guide before commencing cooking for tips on maintaining the best performance and longevity!